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    Simple form of salvage agreement
    On board the yacht 
    (afterwards called ‘The Master’) and 

    (afterwards called ‘The Contractor’) as follows:

    1 The Contractor agrees to use his best endeavours to salve

    the yacht 
    and take her into 
    or other place to be hereafter agreed with The Master providing at his own risk all proper assistance and labour. The service shall be rendered and accepted as salvage upon the principle ‘no cure no pay’ and the contractor’s remuneration shall be £ 

    or if no sum be herein named such sum as may be decided by subsequent arbitration in accordance with the terms of Clause 3 herein.

    2 Contractor may make reasonable use of the vessel’s gear anchor chain and other appurtenances during and for the purposes of the operations but shall not unnecessarily damage abandon or sacrifice the same or any other of the property.

    3 Any question or difference at anytime arising out of this agreement whether as to construction or otherwise or the operation thereunder shall be referred to arbitration by a sole arbitrator to be nominated by agreement between the parties hereto or in default of agreement by an arbitrator to be appointed by the secretary of Lloyd's. Any award by arbitration shall be final and binding on the parties hereto and the arbitrator shall have power to obtain call for receive and act upon any such oral or documentary evidence or information (whether the same is strictly admissible as evidence or not) as he shall think fit. Save as aftersaid the statutory provisions as to arbitration for the time being in force in England shall apply.

    4 All costs of and incidental to any arbitration shall be paid by such of the parties hereto as the arbitration shall direct.

    Signatures of Master and Contractor


    Reproduced by kind permission of the Royal Yachting Associacion

    Rys. 14.12. Reprodukcja jachtowej umowy ratowniczej opracowanej przez RYA

    Nierozłącznym od ratownictwa tematem jest ubezpieczenie jachtu. Pisałem już o tym kilkakrotnie w mych żeglarskich locjach. Zatem teraz tylko streszczenie. W rejsach zagranicznych uważam ubezpieczenie jachtu jako celowe. Za realne zagrożenia (jak zwykle